30 November 2012

Good morning with style!

Whatever you may do, do it with style!! Good morning coffee with Marilyn

26 November 2012

Freezing beauty!

I' m a huge fan of Heidi Klum! She is gorgeous and multi-talented (and also a reason I am fan of Runway Project TV Series). Here in an extraordinary photoshoot for Amica Magazine, December Issue, gives the ultimate essence of an ice queen in Blumarine (photo 1) and Gucci (photo2). Is she amazing or what?

21 November 2012

Rain on your parade!

Who said that rain would stop us from being fabulous and looking good! Even though we may have hard times all we need is to take a deep breath, wear our perfect smile and talk to friends that always inspire us ;)
Have a great day! I promise I will post more girls!

6 September 2012

Style lessons: Christine Scott Thomas

Classy Christine Scott Thomas at the premiere of ‘Cherchez Hortense’ in Venice wearing fabulously a Giambattista Valli dress from resort collection! Couldn't look better! 

24 August 2012

Sweet dreams are made of these #2

Πρέπει να το παραδεχτώ! Είμαι φαν των statement necklaces! Μπορούν να απογειώσουν το καθημερινό outfit σας αλλά και να δώσουν extra λάμψη στις βραδινές εμφανίσεις σας! Ίσως η πιο καλή κίνηση που μπορείτε να κάνετε για μια επένδυση με λίγα χρήματα! Cool!
I have to admit it! I can't help my passion for statement necklaces! The can simply upgrade your everyday outfits and give extra shine to your evening looks! Maybe one of the best ways to invest your low budget! Cool!

22 August 2012

Summer mood!

I'm still under my summer hat... I ll be with you soon...

24 July 2012

Sweet dreams are made of these! #1

My No1 obsession mirrored sunglasses!


Turbans! (From Vogue Russia)
Lana Del Ray for H&M (the only reason for waiting for the fall)

23 July 2012

Monday morning inspiration! Floral pants!

Miranda Kerr in the streets of NYC with floral pants by Celine

14 July 2012

Summer breeze!

I know it's been ages since my last post but work and other stuff kept me busy.. I'm back and full of new posts and fashion ideas! Starting with this amazing vintage pucci swimwear and wanted-oversized hat! It's on my mind the whole weekend

26 April 2012

Morning inspiration: Lace with jean shirt!

The jean shirt is probably the most valuable buy I made the last 2 years! Can match with anything and gives a casual and cool style! Here, with an exceptional white lace mini skirt, looks so stylish!

24 April 2012

Meet Eleftheria & Dora

H Ελευθερία Παπαδάκη είναι 24 χρονών και τα δυο τελευταία χρόνια ασχολείται με το γράψιμο και τη μόδα,καθώς όπως λέει και η ίδια είναι δυο πράγματα που αγαπάει πάρα πολύ!Η ενασχόληση της με τα handmade jewels ξεκίνησε πρόσφατα όπου άρχισε να παρατηρεί τους συνδιασμούς ρούχων και σχεδίων που της αρέσει να φοράει.Γράφοντας για την μόδα εμπνεύστηκε απο αυτά που έβλεπε στα περιοδικά και τα προσάρμοζε στο στυλ και στο ντύσιμο της.Στόχος της είναι να μεγαλώσει ακόμα περισσότερο τη συλλογή της βρίσκοντας περισσότερα σχέδια,πρωτότυπα logos και ασυνήθιστες δημιουργίες.Η Δώρα Μουδάτσου,στενή φίλη της Ελευθερίας σχεδιάζει τα κοσμήματα απο πολυμερικό πηλό.Τα κορίτσια γνωριστήκανε τυχαία σε ένα ταξίδι στη Σαντορίνη,ανταλλάξανε ιδέες και προτάσεις και έτσι κολλήσανε και γίνανε αυτό το τρομερό δίδυμο.Όπως δηλώνουν,δεν γίνεται ένα προιόν το οποίο έχει πολύ χαμηλό κόστος να πωλείται με κέρδος 200%.Σκοπός τους είναι να παρουσιάζουν κοσμήματα τα οποία θα είναι άριστης ποιότητας και θα ανταποκρίνονται στις επιταγές της εποχής!

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες: eleutheriapapadaki@gmail.com & dmoudatsou@gmail.com

3 April 2012

Style lessons! (Part V)

Scandinavian blogger Elin Kling giving style lessons.She is the epitome of simplicity rules in every outfit. Seems to be obsessed with skinny pants and hot shorts and why shouldn't she?

2 April 2012

Morning inspiration: Grey with a happy note!

27 March 2012

Morning inspiration: Maxi skirt!

Maxi skirt with knitted sweater!

25 March 2012

It's in the details!

When you don't know what to wear the answer is in the details!

23 March 2012

The Flower Power!

There is no spring without flowers and there is no spring trend without florals! Enjoy this spring vivid floral pieces and let your mood blossom!

16 March 2012

Morning inspiration: Got the blues!

Navy blue blouse and navy blue trousers with metalic details and blue cat eye sunglasses!

14 March 2012

Morning inspiration: Romantic skirt!

Great street style from a stylist! Caroline Sieber at 2012 Paris Fashion Week mixes great romantic skirt and Louis Vuitton shoes with blue sweater and blue fedora hat

10 March 2012

Morning inspiration: Open back!

Stephanie La Cava at Paris Fashion week 2012 with open back top proves that a little reveal is better than all reveal!

8 March 2012

Style lessons (Part IV)

Joanna Hillman senior fashion market editor at US Harper's Bazzar has memorable appearances with her great street style! Seems to be great fan of flare trousers and maxi skirts but looks also fabulous in mini skirts!

6 March 2012

Marni for H&M!

H&M launched the cooperation with Italian house Marni with an exclusive collection. The launching event was yesterday at H&M store at Ermou. Although Marni pieces were gone very fast we can wait until the 8th of March when the collection will be officially at stores!!
I am obsessed with the accessories! Chunky bracelets and elegant earrings!